Green Power Solutions Inc. is a leading full-service provider in the renewable energy sector. Specializing in the servicing and maintenance of renewable energy systems and components, international manufacturers, companies, and investors worldwide trust in Green Power Solutions Inc.

With years of experience, Green Power Solutions Inc. has a unique wealth of experience in the industry. We cover all after sale services of the renewable industry and are equipped with the latest devices and technology. Our team provides the expert know-how and produces a superior quality of work.

Specializing in after-sales service for manufacturers, businesses and households, Green Power Solutions Inc. offers a complete service chain. This ranges from technical customer to on-site repairs and spare parts management.

Company Overview

Green Power Solutions Inc. is a leading supplier of environmental friendly energy solutions for your home and business in Guyana. But there’s more to Green Power Solutions Inc. than you might expect. We make going green simple and affordable. Learn all about us and discover what we’re doing for our customers, environment and communities.

Green Power Solutions Inc. is one of the leading solar contractors in Guyana. We are a full service, sales and installation company with experience in all aspects of solar technology for homes and businesses.

Our Mission

Green Power Solutions Inc. is committed to driving the modernization of our country’s energy consumption. Our mission is to be an industry leader in the shift towards renewable energy.

With years of experience in solar and renewable energy, our team assures quality design and installation. We are dedicated to delivering the best products on the market and work only with the most stable manufacturers worldwide.