4.5 kW Hybrid Solar System

Location: Linden

Surface Area: m2 

Year Complete: 2024

Take a look at our recently completed 4.5kWp roof-mounted hybrid solar system at a remote location in Linden. This client lives in an area without electricity from GPL and relied only on a generator for power. We were able to help them switch to solar and have electricity day and night without having to power up a generator. The system we designed comprises of:

- 10 REC 450W solar panels
- 2 Sol-Ark 12K-2P inverter
- 16 Rolls 6V 415Ah batteries

It should be noted that we designed this system to connect the customer's existing generator to the solar system. The batteries in the solar system were sized to work 6 hours in night. After 6 hours, the generator automatically starts up along with the inverter to charge the batteries and facilitate continuous power supply to the customer's home until sunrise.

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