5.52kWp Hybrid Solar System

Location: Convent Garden East Bank Demerara

Surface Area: m2 

Year Complete: 2024

Green Power Solutions Inc. brought innovation to life with their installation of this 5.52kWp Hybrid Solar System, delivering sustainability and power, hand in hand. The system features:

12 Peimar 460W Solar Modules
1 Phocos PSW-H-6500W-48/120V AnyGrid Hybrid Inverter
1 AB-PLC Gateway Phocolink Cloud Remote Monitoring Package

This hybrid system seamlessly integrates solar power generation with grid electricity, providing reliable energy access and flexibility.

With a 6-month installation warranty and equipment warranties ranging from 3 to 25 years, clients can trust in the system's durability and performance.

The included monitoring package allows both the client and Green Power Solutions Inc. to remotely monitor the system's efficiency and ensure optimal operation.

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