6kWp PV Off-Grid

Location: Splashmins, Linden.

Surface Area: m2 

Year Complete: 2024

Green Power Solutions Inc. supplied the batteries for this 6kWp PV Off-Grid power system, expertly installed by an independent electrical contractor and commissioned by Green Power Solutions Inc. in Splashmins.

This comprehensive system includes:
4 BYD LV Flex Lite 48V, 100Ah, 5kWh Lithium Batteries
1 BYD B-BOX Battery Management Unit (BMU)
1 AIMS SCC100AMPPT Solar Inverter/Charger
2 Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 Tr. VE.Can Charge Controller
1 Victron Energy Cerbo GX

[Worked completed in 2024]

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