Solar Car Ports

Solar carports are ground-mounted solar panels that are installed above parking lots and are one of the fastest growing trends in the solar industry. It is ideal for businesses that do not have the roof space to mount. Vehicles are parked under the shade of the panels to keep cool whilst the panels power the building(s).


Solar carports do not require additional land, since an already existing parking lot is being used. As a result, they offer an efficient use of space and come with great long term monetary and environmental benefits. Also, they generally produce more power because they have fewer space constraints and allow installers to orient the panels at the most optimal angle for sunlight exposure. Another point to note is Green Power Solution’s Carports can be used to fit the needs of a business. Everything from size to style can be designed by the business owner.

At Green Power Solutions Inc. we use and are authorized dealers for SunPower carports. SunPower has deployed or contracted for more than 200 MW of solar parking installations over the course of their more than three decades of business operations. With their 2015 acquisition of Solaire Generation, the industry leader in solar parking structure innovation, they have further solidified SunPower’s capability to deliver solutions that are unrivaled in design, fabrication and installation.

Our structures are designed by our talented and experienced team who work with you to help you reduce your energy costs, enhance the value of your real estate and strengthen your commitment to sustainability.


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