Solar Water Pump


Using a pump requires a substantial amount of power. With solar water pumps you save money on electricity and diesel simultaneously contributing towards a greener environment. Using a solar water pump also means you can pump water at any location without access to the power company. Our solar water pumps are affordable, quiet, have connections with multiple fittings, have rubber feet for noise and vibration reduction, compact design and heavy-duty demand switch. They can also run dry.

Green Power Solutions Inc. carries Lorentz Solar Water Pumps. Lorentz is an established company that has been specializing in solar pumping since 1995. They make pumps for the toughest conditions in over 135 countries, and they continue to grow today.

Through Lorentz, we carry solar water pumps that range from small pool pumps to those used for agricultural purposes. We can provide clients with solar pumps capable of circulating water in swimming pools, spas, lakes, for drip irrigation, floods, hydroponics, and much more!

Let’s look at some reasons why using a Solar Water Pump is the better option.

1) No infrastructure to install
Using solar power means that you can install a pumping system almost anywhere, irrespective of power infrastructure availability and the associated costs.

2) Low cost of water
Our Lorentz water pumps use brushless and sensor-less DC motors for maximum efficiency, this results in significantly more water being pumped with the available power. This efficiency results in a lower unit cost of water pumped.

3) Low operational costs
Operational cost savings are achieved as the system requires no fossil fuels, can be fully remotely managed and is designed to have a long working life. The result is very low, or no operating costs.

4) Lowest project risk
Our systems can be designed to be a complete system; it will have all of the needed software and hardware for your water project. The result is that your projects are delivered on time, on budget and without technical risk.

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