13.7 kWp Grid-Tie System


Location: Mon Repos, Guyana.

Surface Area: m2 

Year Complete: 2018


Supervising Engineer:

This company is in the business of ice manufacturing. It manufactures large blocks and small cubes of ice for industrial and commercial use. As one can imagine, this requires a lot of energy. The company needed to offset electricity cost.

After executing an energy audit, we found the business utilizes majority of its total  energy consumption during daylight hours. Green Power Solutions Inc. supplied and installed a 13.7 kWp grid-tie solar system. The aim was to make use of a battery-less solar power system and maximize self consumption.

This company’s monthly electricity bill was, on average, GYD$119,000. Since the instillation of the solar system, the client is saving upwards of 84% (GYD $100,000) on their electric bill. The client now pays GYD$19,000 per month and is expected to save GYD$30,000,000 over the next 25 years, due to long lasting panels and solar energy.

From installation in 2018 to date, this system has been offsetting:

  • 2268kg of CO2 emissions
  • 24.5kgs of NOx/ SOx emissions

This emission offset is equivalent to 366 trees planted. #gogreen!

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