22.8kWp Grid-Tie Solar System

Location: New Amsterdam, Guyana

Surface Area: m2 

Year Complete: 2018

A 22.8 kW grid tie system was designed to help reduce the company's dependency on the national grid.

This client owns a supermarket and has been one of the leading private entities providing consumer groceries, foods sales and distribution across the East Berbice district of Guyana. With expanding operations, the client made a strategic decision to offset electricity costs and enhance the comfort of customer shopping experience and reduction of retail prices. This also increased the company’s sustainability efforts with solar installations at their largest facility location.

In 2017, Green Power Solutions Inc. implemented and installed a 22.8kWp Solar Grid-Tie System at this location with the aim of offsetting majority of the building’s daily energy consumption, simultaneously contributing towards a green environment.

Initially, their electric bill was an average of GYD $450,000 monthly. With roof space and location being an advantage to installing solar panels, this supermarket saves more than 44% (GYD $200,000) in energy cost monthly, not including additional savings through energy-efficiency measures and LED lighting. Made possible by the fact that our Sunpower panels have a 25 year GUARANTEE, over the next 25 years they are expected to save GY $48,300,000 with solar energy.

From date of installation, the Company has been offsetting:

  • 24,221 kg of CO2 emissions
  • 256kgs of NOx/ SOx emissions

This is equivalent to 3499 trees planted.

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