21.6kWp Grid Tie Solar System

Location: New Amsterdam, Berbice.

Surface Area: m2 

Year Complete: 2023

Green Power Solutions Inc supplied and installed this 21.6kWp Grid Tie Solar System at a pharmacy in New Amsterdam, consisting of:

- 48 RECOM 450W Solar Modules
- 1 Fronius Primo 11.4kW 208/240V Inverter
- 1 Fronius Primo 10kW 208/240V Inverter

This comprehensive system is meticulously designed to optimize solar energy capture and conversion. The solar modules ensure maximum energy production, while the Fronius Primo inverters efficiently convert the generated electricity for immediate use or export to the grid.

With Green Power Solutions Inc's expertise in installation, this system promises reliable and sustainable power generation, contributing to environmental conservation and long-term energy savings.

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