5.4kWp Off-Grid Solar system

Location: Orealla, Guyana.

Surface Area: m2 

Year Complete: 2023

Green Power Solutions Inc. suuplied the equipment for this 5.4kWp Off-Grid Solar system, which was seamlessly installed by an independent contractor in Orealla. This bespoke installation includes:

12 RECOM 450W Solar Modules
1 Phocos PSW-H-6500W-48/120V AnyGrid Hybrid Inverter
12 BrightWay 12V 200Ah AGM Batteries

Crafted to operate autonomously, this system ensures uninterrupted power generation, even in this remote location.

With Green Power Solutions Inc.'s premium components, it exemplifies efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, catering to the unique energy needs of our client in the Orealla region.

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